Professional Alliances

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Professional Alliances

UJAMAA is a proud member and supporter of the following advocacy and construction industry associations:

  • U.S. Green Building Council
  • Builders Association of Greater Chicago
  • Association of Subcontractors & Affiliates (ASA Chicago): General Contractor Council
  • Healthcare Engineers Society of Northern Illinois (HESNI)
  • Several Diversity Advocacy Groups

Mentor / Protégé Partnerships

UJAMAA has built upon its reputable management system by forming alliances with joint venture partners Bulley and Andrews LLC and Power Construction Company.  These strategic partnerships have allowed UJAMAA to expand the firm’s reach into new markets and increase its presence within existing segments.  In 2005, UJAMAA formed a Mentor-Protégé relationship with Bulley & Andrews LLC. This agreement resulted in the completion of approximately $75M in construction contracts on more than 25 projects. UJAMAA formed a similar agreement with Power Construction Company in 2009 to pursue large-scale commercial projects. Each agreement has helped UJAMAA further develop the following:

  • Diversification of market segments within Illinois
  • Large project construction experience
  • Additional safety and support staff capabilities
  • Training and development opportunities
  • Access to both Bulley & Andrews LLC and Power Construction Company resources and expertise
  • Valuable business operations insight from 80- and 100-year old firms