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Our safety rating is among the best in the industry, and well below the nationwide industry average.

UJAMAA Safety EMR Rating: .72

Our commitment to safety is more than just words

UJAMAA Construction has completed 84,296 hours worked by all employees without a single lost workday in 2016 We have been honored to receive the Builders’ Association Safety Excellence Award in the Best in Class 70,000-250,000 exposure hours in 2014

Safety and Training are a Top Priority

Our commitment to safety is more than a commitment to our clients to provide the highest degree of professionalism and deliver the highest quality product. It’s the most important thing we do every day for our tradesmen and specialty subcontractors – to make sure they go home safely to their families every night. We believe that starts with training and preparedness combined with a top down commitment our core value of safety.

OSHA Partnership

UJAMAA has voluntarily partnered with the Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA) at a silver level through an alliance with the Builders Association of Greater Chicago. Our safety programs are recognized annually for excellence in occupational safety and health training.

Development of a 10-acre site in an urban environment can be very challenging with the underground unknowns and working with all the stakeholders and their variety of interests. However, UJAMAA Construction demonstrated a strong commitment to support the various goals of the project.

David Doig, President, Chicago Neighborhood Initiatives

The retail environment is a fast paced, fluid world requiring adjustment as potential tenants change and the goals are adjusted to reflect new requirements. UJAMAA Construction was always focused on the goals of the Developer and making the experience as seamless as possible which is greatly appreciated.

Brian J Galey, AIA, Manager, Galey Consulting, LLC

UJAMAA Construction has shown a true commitment and dedication to their work and to the IIT Campus.

Terrence Frigio, Director/Design & Construction, Illinois Institute of Technology