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UJAMAA is focused on meeting each client’s expectations throughout all phases of the construction process.

We are pleased to offer the following construction services to ensure a smooth project delivery:

General Contracting

Our client-centric approach to construction with a focus on completing projects in complex environments.

Construction Management

Our open-book approach allows our clients to share in the savings of a project and improves the communication and information distribution throughout the entire process.

Owner’s Representation

UJAMAA completes most of our work as a General Contractor with in-house, self-perform abilities in carpentry and selective demolition work.


This service aims at reducing cost overruns and accelerating scheduling while limiting risk.


UJAMAA has successfully completed several LEED projects. To further our commitment to green building initiatives, we constructed our new corporate headquarters to achieve LEED Certification. Several members of our project management team have also achieved their LEED AP designation.

Our team of construction professionals is well versed in energy retrofit projects, infrastructure upgrades and comprehensive M/E/P systems modernization. We are able to assist in pre-construction services, equipment selection and energy performance consultation throughout the construction process and into commissioning.

Historical Renovation

UJAMAA provides construction services to restore structures of historical significance while bringing them up to modern standards. We understand the careful planning, complexities and attention to detail required to preserve and restore historic buildings to their original grandeur.

Safety EMR Rating: .72

84,296 manpower hours worked without any loss days or incidents in 2016

Average # Projects: 52