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Our Story

UJAMAA‘s Mission

UJAMAA Construction Inc. provides exceptional construction services in a socially responsible manner.

The company was founded by President and CEO Jimmy Akintonde in 2002, and has grown to become one of the premier construction companies in the Midwest and the leading diversity contractor in Chicago.

We see the faces of the people who are impacted by every successful project we complete – our clients and their employees, their customers who utilize or patronize the facilities, our staff of professionals and subcontractors, and the community as a whole that is enriched by the development and the services it provides.

UJAMAA is Kiswahili for the Tanzanian concept of people working together.

UJAMAA means unity in supporting one another by any means available. UJAMAA also means the need to give back to those who support you.

Core Values

The company’s core values center on meeting the needs of Customers, Employees and Community.


To our customers, we provide attentive and detailed construction management services. We use our extensive industry experience and current technology to service our clients while remaining sensitive to an ever-changing environment.

We utilize a pool of accomplished subcontractors to complete our work in a professional and timely manner. This is why 65% of our clients come back to us for their next project.


To our dedicated employees we provide an open work environment that promises to nurture creativity, tolerance, professional development, safety, and a family environment. We strive to bring diversity into the workplace.

We provide the necessary resources, training and technology to ensure a successful outcome in a challenging work environment.


To our community and neighbors, we share our commitment to “rebuilding our communities one block at a time.” We have a strong commitment to providing opportunities to local residents, minority and women-owned businesses in the community to work with us as employees or subcontractors and contribute to our collective success.

We share a responsibility for our environment and building education, financial, retail, healthcare to social service facilities that benefit our community.