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Our Diversity

UJAMAA is the premier diversity construction contractor in the City of Chicago and is fully committed to supporting diversity initiatives within the construction industry.

UJAMAA Construction, Inc. has built its business and reputation by supporting diversity contracting, and building capacity of smaller MBE/WBE General Contractors and subcontractors in the communities in which we work.

We work tirelessly with several inner city agencies and advocacy groups, providing equal business opportunities for disadvantaged contractors and vendors, while encouraging minority and local workforce hiring practices. UJAMAA has always met the diversity goals set by our clients.


Certified Minority Business Enterprise (MBE) firm

City of Chicago, Established Business Enterprise (EBE)

Central Management Services – State of Il (CMS)

Alliances & Associations

African American Contractors Association (ACCA)

Black Contractors United (BCU)

Builders Association (AGC Chapter of Il)

Chicago Urban League

Association of Subcontractors & Affiliates – Chicago

Healthcare Engineers Society of Northern Illinois

U.S. Green Building Council

UJAMAA itself represents a diverse and representative mix of employees, subcontractors and suppliers.

UJAMAA Construction Inc. is committed to equal and representative employment, as well as business and community opportunities for local residents, minority and woman- owned businesses. UJAMAA maintains the highest standards in all efforts related to equal employment opportunity including substantial participation by Minority Business Enterprises, Women Business Enterprises and Disadvantaged Business Enterprises (MBE/WBE/DBE, respectively). We will provide a reciprocal effort to mirror the community being served during the construction of our projects, continually bettering the communities in which we live and work.

Taking a proactive approach to providing opportunities for minorities and women is an essential element with any project and UJAMAA will establish and implement a results oriented program to achieve our client’s specific goals.

Project MBE WBE
Englewood Square | Chicago, Illinois 34% 11%
WalMart Store #3110 | Chicago, Illinois 32% 7%
Halsted Parkways | Chicago, Illinois 44% 7%
Kennedy Jordan Manor | Chicago, Illinois 47% 8%
Diamond Suites | Oswego, Illinois 32% 17%
Hope Manor II 42% 6%
Mariano’s Fresh Market 47% 9%
Wal-Mart Super Center – 85th & Stewart 35% 7%
Wal-Mart Express – Chatham 45% 8%
Advocate Health Systems 40% 6%
City Colleges of Chicago 75% 8%
Aldi Retail Store – 76th & Ashland 40% 10%
Aldi Retail Store – 85th & Stewart 40% 7%
Loretto Hospital Psychiatric Unit 65% 7%
Kruel Realty Renovations 65% 6.5%
Illinois Institute of Technology 69% 8%
Marshfield Plaza Infrastructure Package 45% 6%
University of Chicago – Palmer Renovation 46% 30%
University of Chicago J3 Lab Renovation 40% 6%
Loretto Hospital Critical Care Unit 53% 11%

The unified Peoples Gas and North Shore Gas / Ujamma Construction, Inc. team has successfully completed the State of the Art Training Center located in Little Village, Chicago Illinois.

We would like to thank you and your team in your efforts to exceed our DBE goals for this project. The total Tier II DBE Goals as outlined in the construction agreement were; total 85% DBE, broken down as follows: 10% (LBE) Little Village / Local, 30% (HBE) Hispanic and 45% DBE. Each sublevel was to be exclusive of each goal identified.

As of this writing, Ujamaa Construction, Inc. has exceeded the goals outlined above and achieved 92.74% Tier II subcontractor participation; 15.75% (LBE) Little Village / Local, 30.84% (HBE) Hispanic and 46.15% DBE.

The teams efforts in bring this project to a successful completion and realizing and exceeding our goals is appreciated.

Jennifer Morrison, Commodity Portfolio Manager, Supplier Diversity Initiative, Peoples Gas and North Shore Gas