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Project Description


Advocate South Suburban Hospital


List of Projects for Client

Heat Pump Replacement/Transformer Renovation

Parking Lot Addition

Isolation Room Renovation

ACS – 4 Replacement & Patient Room Renovations

ASSH Phase 8 Core Room Renovation

Project Description

UJAMAA was approved has an ͞Preferred Contractor in the Advocate Health Systems program as a General Contractor in 2007. Since that time UJAMAA has completed multiple renovation projects of varying sensitivity and difficulty. See some of our completed projects for Advocate South Suburban Hospital below.

Heat Pump Replacement/Transformer Renovation: Removal and replacement of existing heat pumps, piping, controls and equipment. Removal and replacement of the main transformer. Install new heat exchanger and Building Automation System installed by Interactive Solutions Control. Installed new transformer and switchgear to increase hospital electrical capacity.

Parking Lot Addition: Includes the addition of a new Staff Parking Lot and regrading of an existing lot.

Isolation Room Renovation: Conversion of Four Negative Air Rooms into rooms that can switch from Negative Air to Neutral Air.

ACS – 4 Replacement & Patient Room Renovations: The replacement of an existing air handling unit along with associated supply and return duct work, radiate heat panels, ceiling replacement, as well as interior finishes.

ASSH Phase 8 Core Room Renovations: The renovation of core rooms including; drywall, tile work, flooring, millwork, painting, ceilings, plumbing and electrical work.