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Project Description


Halsted Parkways

Project Details

Location: Chicago

Client: Chicago Neighborhood Initiatives, Inc.

Architect: Spaceco, Inc.

Service: New Construction

Duration: 12 Months


Project Description

Halsted Parkways is an eleven acre development at the northwest corner of 63rd and Halsted Streets. The site is currently vacant property, with the exception of a retired fire station in the center of the development, in a very visible, yet blighted area of the Englewood community. The new development will be known as Halsted Parkways. The first phase of the redevelopment consists of site improvements, infrastructure improvements, and underground foundations for the first two retail buildings. The site improvements consist of site demolition of existing trees, roadways, alleys, building foundations, and utilities, the relocation of 120 LF of South Peoria Street, installation of three storm water detention structures, and grading of the site to the proposed contours. The infrastructure improvements include sanitary sewer, storm sewer, water main, parking lots, site lighting, irrigation, and landscaping to facilitate the new retail development that is called Englewood Square at Halsted Parkways. Lastly two building foundations will be completed. One foundation is for the 18,000 SF proposed Whole Foods Market. The second foundation is for a five unit retail building that will be 22,560 SF. This work includes aggregate pier deep foundations, excavation, cast in place concrete footings and foundations, and backfilling.