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Project Description


Mt. Sinai Hospital



List of Projects for Client

Bathroom Renovation

Kitchen Renovation

Open Space Development

Shaft Wall Assessment & Rep

Divider Walls

Replace Tile at Two Bathrooms

GI / Cath Lab Renovation

Olin Sang 7th Floor Bathroom

Operating Rooms


Project Description

UJAMAA was approved has an “Preferred Contractor” in the Advocate Health Systems program as a General Contractor in 2007. Since that time UJAMAA has completed multiple renovation projects of varying sensitivity and difficulty. See some of our completed projects below.


Interior renovation of (10) Operating Rooms at the active hospital. The work included, removing and replace existing OR doors, flooring and wall protection. Installing new sheet vinyl flooring with 4” flach cover wall base and solid heat weld seams by Pinacle Flooring Contractor, and patch and paint all walls. The project values was $425,00, and was completed on a 5 days per room, double shift construction for a total of 50days. All rooms except for active construction OR remained in operation during the construction duration.


Renovation of the Waiting Area of the GI/Cath Lab and the complete renovation of (4) single occupancy bathrooms. The scope of work included the demolition of the existing flooring system, and minor partition reconfiguration. Installing new floors, repaint the walls, new mechanical, electrical and plumbing systems, including new LED lights. The ceiling grid and tiles were replaced and new sprinkler heads installed.

Multi-phase construction of the fire dampers installation in mechanical shaft walls on the Frankel and Kurtzon Buildings. Working with McCauley Mechanical Inc., Ujamaa completed interior 13 floors with 26 mechanical shafts at the Frankel Building and 11 floors and 15 mechanical shafts in the Kurtzon Building. The work was completed on sensitive areas include the Dialysis area, Birth and Delivery floor, Oncology floors, and the executive offices areas. A total of 340 new mechanical fire dampers on the 52-week project. Ujamaa self performed the selective demolition work, rough and finish carpentry.