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Project Description


People’s Gas


Project Details

Location: Chicago

Client: People’s Gas and North Shore Gas

Size: 50,100 square feet

Role: General Construction

Service: New Construction

Project Description

Peoples Gas and North Shore Gas constructed a new 50,000 sf state-of-the-art training center in the Little Village neighborhood. The training center will help meet the changing needs and requirements associated with training the utilities’ current and future natural gas workforce. It also will be used by first responders and prepare Chicago high school students for careers at utility/energy works through a vocational training program with Chicago Public Schools (CPS).
The training center features 5 classrooms, 5 practical training areas, computer simulation lab and a 75-seat meeting room available to local community groups. A mock “Gas City” with simulated natural gas delivery system pressurized by compressed air – the largest mock city training site in Illinois, will provide real-world training for natural gas workers.
The partnership with CPS will help prepare students from Dunbar Vocational, Little Village Lawndale and Fenger Academy high school for potential jobs with Peoples Gas and North Shore Gas after graduation. Programs will include fi eld trips to the training center, summer internships and after school training..