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UJAMAA Construction is a general contracting and construction management company. Since our founding in 2002, we have supported the Midwest and Southeast regions through exceptional construction services and community outreach.

From humble beginnings, UJAMAA has grown into one of the nation’s most reputable general contractor and construction management firms. We are firmly planted in the communities we work in and continue to push the envelope of construction excellence. 

While most may only see the projects we have accomplished, there is a rich history, philosophy, and culture that underpins what UJAMAA is today and will be in the future. As such, we have emerged as Chicago’s leading diversity general contractor and a leader in the country at large.

We Are UJAMAA Construction, Inc.

Founded in 2002, UJAMAA Construction, Inc. is a formidable force in our nation’s construction industry. As one of the largest diversity contractors in the Midwest with a growing presence in the South East, we have the capacity to execute on any project. Our two companies are united in a shared dedication to our values, diversity, and community involvement. For over two decades, we’ve collaborated in rebuilding communities, one block at a time.

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UJAMAA Construction

Incorporated in 2002 in Chicago, Illinois, UJAMAA Construction is the Midwest’s largest diversity contractor as well as one of the most respected general contractors, construction managers, and design-build firms in the region. The firm operates out of our Chicago office. We work with union labor and subcontractors alike, executing projects to the highest degree possible.

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UJAMAA Construction
South East

UJAMAA Construction South East was established in 2017. Representing our operations in the Southeastern United States, we are able to provide the full spectrum of construction management and general contracting services to many states, including Alabama, Tennessee, North Carolina, and South Carolina. UJAMAA Construction South East is an open shop contractor that shares our commitment to diversity and inclusion.

Our Story

UJAMAA is Kiswahili for the Tanzanian concept of people working together. It means unity in supporting one another by any means available. UJAMAA also means the need to give back to those who support you.

UJAMAA Construction (“UJAMAA”) was founded in 2002 by Jimmy Akintonde to create a working organization that pays an equal amount of attention to quality of completed projects, safety of our employees, social responsibility, sustainability, corporate profitability, and citizenship within our communities. He identified a lack of quality construction services that incorporated the community. Before long, UJAMAA experienced explosive growth, eventually opening an office in Atlanta, Georgia in 2017.

Time and again, our team proved that socially responsible construction is not a hindrance to timely and professional work. On the contrary, our work has shown that having values rooted in the community only enhances the work we do and our reputation among community members and business owners alike. The company continues to maintain this balance of corporate governance and social responsibility, striving to bring diversity into the workplace and provide employment opportunities to the underserved.

We see the faces of the people who are impacted by every successful project we complete – our clients and their employees, their customers who utilize or patronize the facilities, our staff of professionals and subcontractors, and the community as a whole that is enriched by the development and the services it provides.

Buildings aren’t just structures; they are robust communities. With social responsibility, innovation, and sustainability as part of our founding principles, we are truly a melting pot of people, ideas, and perspectives. Through empowering our people, we are able to create new possibilities for the world around us. It takes a village to raise a child and a community to build a building.

UJAMAA Construction promotes a culture of trust, learning, collaboration, and innovation. Our team will bring the right principles, structure, and tools to facilitate the type of culture that will contribute significantly to the success of the projects we execute while putting social responsibility at the forefront.

Our Story UJAMAA Team

UJAMAA Construction – Rebuilding The Community, One Block At A Time

Our Mission

To create a working organization that pays an equal amount of attention to the quality of completed projects, safety of our employees, social responsibility, sustainability, corporate profitability, and citizenship within our communities.

Our Vision

To maintain a balance of corporate governance and social responsibility, striving to bring diversity into the workplace and provide employment opportunities to the underserved.

What Does UJAMAA Mean To Us?

The name of our company originates from the Kiswahili word “ujamaa” meaning “brotherhood” or “extended family.” The word stemmed from a larger collectivist ideology, wherein an individual was understood to become a person through the people around them. Through this understanding, true unity comes from supporting one another with the resources we have. We incorporate this into our daily operations. 

UJAMAA also is understood to mean cooperative economics, and we practice that understanding of the word for each and every project. As a result, our projects have substantial 1st and 2nd tier minority participation. We look for diversity, inclusion, and reciprocity from subcontractors, suppliers, vendors, and other firms that we work with each day.

Our Values

Social Responsibility

Social responsibility lies at the heart of our brand and represents the true meaning of UJAMAA. From LEED-certified construction to community support and hiring initiatives, we do what it takes to support the people who support us. 


We focus on innovation through diverse perspectives. To guarantee the best product possible, we have a diverse workforce that gives us the ability to make better decisions faster. Safety, efficiency, outreach; these are all areas where we want to lead the way to the benefit of our clients and community.


Sustainability, for us, means finding balance and reciprocity in the work we do. That’s why we’ve emerged as leaders in LEED-certified construction, reducing waste and ecological impact on the communities we work and live in. 


At UJAMAA, we truly believe representation and opportunity are gateways to success. Diversity and inclusion for minority subcontractors, construction supplier, as well as within of internal organization is central to our work.


Our work is always geared towards empowering those we work with or effect. We do this by participating in various organizations and initiatives that create new opportunities for employees and community members alike.


Above all, a sense of unity is the glue for our organization. To rebuild our communities, we focus on their interconnectedness, making them stronger, more inclusive, and richer with resources and knowledge. 

Our Core Pillars

Our philosophy revolves around our customers, employees, and community. On these three pillars, we’ve built structures that break the old molds and spark new possibilities. 

For customers, attentive and detailed construction management is key. We use extensive industry experience, cutting-edge tech, and proven subcontractors to provide a stellar product. In fact, our customer-centered approach has led to over 70% of clients returning for their next project. 

Employees are the focus of our second pillar, as employees are the heart of the services we provide. We emphasize a nurturing, open work environment that maximizes creativity, professional development, and safety. Diversity and family orientation are also key elements of our internal culture. Our team is always aiming to provide the resources and training our employees need to grow personally and professionally. 

The third pillar is our community focus, which truly constitutes the foundation that UJAMAA rests on. At UJAMAA, our commitment to “Rebuilding The Community, One Block At A Time” manifests in a variety of ways. In addition to supporting local minority-owned and women-owned businesses, we also support a variety of programs and initiatives where we operate.

Recognitions, Honors, & Awards

We’re proud to have been honored with some of the highest awards in our industry and community, including:

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