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At UJAMAA Construction, we are focused on meeting each client’s expectations throughout all phases of the construction process. We are pleased to offer the following construction services to ensure a smooth project delivery:

General Contracting

We offer a client-centric approach to construction with a focus on completing projects in complex environments. We maintain constant communication with our clients to ensure they are always aware of the status of their projects. Given our tight-knit group of subcontractors, we are further able to navigate complex project requirements and restrictions to produce a beautiful and functional final product.

Construction Management

Our open-book approach allows our clients to share in the savings of a project and improves the communication and information distribution throughout the entire process. We monitor and coordinate all variables at play to ensure that the project is done on time, safely, and within the client’s budget and quality expectations.


As the name suggests, design-build brings the contractor and architect under one contract usually held by the contractor or construction manager. This, in turn, yields more transparency, accountability, and collaboration. This service can be most useful when there is a fast-track schedule or when working in occupied workspaces to reduce disruption. 

Through our nearly 1,000 completed projects, we have gained a wealth of experience by providing design-build services for all types of construction. We’re ready to bring your project to fruition!

Owner’s Representative

Owner’s representative services refer to a company or entity that represents the owner of a particular construction project. The representative’s main task is to help the owner and their team understand and manage the details of their project. 

As your owner’s representative, we will fill a crucial role by explaining processes and providing expertise to guide decision-making throughout the course of the project. UJAMAA Construction will make sure the project is done on time, on budget, and up to the standards set by the owner and the team.

Historical Renovations

UJAMAA provides construction services to restore structures of historical significance while bringing them up to modern standards. We understand the careful planning, complexities, and attention to detail required to preserve and restore historic buildings to their original grandeur.

Value Engineering

Value engineering, in simple terms, is a targeted effort to solve design problems and eliminate unnecessary/unwanted costs. These efforts will look at building equipment, materials, features, and systems in an attempt to maximize value and lower costs. This process is conducted parallel to the design phase of a project. Value engineering is incredibly important for keeping costs within a certain limit while still keeping safety, reliability, and quality high. 

Program Management

Program management entails the overseeing and management of two or more related projects with the goal of streamlining processes and obtaining benefits from close coordination. These services help to maintain timelines and budget requirements while improving communication and decision-making throughout the process.

Community Engagement

Community engagement and outreach are main pillars of UJAMAA, as they allows us to feed resources back into the community and address needs directly. We regularly partner with other organizations on projects or spearhead our own initiatives with the aim of improving our communities organically.

Self-Perform — Carpentry

Self-perform refers to using our direct construction professionals on a specific portion of a particular project. We have self-performed carpentry work since 2002 and have developed relationships with the Carpenters Union, trade associations, and other carpentry subcontractors. 

Our self-perform work varies from project to project. In general, it is based on the needs of the project, timeline, and other factors at play. This work allows us to expedite the schedules of many of the projects we take on. 


UJAMAA has successfully completed several LEED projects. To further our commitment to green building initiatives, we constructed our new corporate headquarters to achieve LEED Certification. 

Additionally, several members of our project management team have also achieved their LEED AP designation. Our team of construction professionals is well versed in energy retrofit projects, infrastructure upgrades, and comprehensive M/E/P systems modernization. 

We are able to assist in pre-construction services, equipment selection, and energy performance consultation throughout the construction process and into commissioning.

Let’s Get Started On Your Next Project

Looking for a construction management team that you can count on for results? The UJAMAA Construction team would love to get to know you and your project vision. To get started, feel free to contact our team to schedule a meeting!

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