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Our Chicago and Atlanta offices are home to a diverse, close-knit team of construction professionals. Through our focus on employee, customer, and community satisfaction and enrichment, we have been able to grow our model of cooperative economics and successfully complete over 1,000 projects to the highest standard. Our reputation for safety, quality, and timely work completion has made us one of the most successful general contractors in the Midwest and Southeast. 

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Our Chicago office is the birthplace of UJAMAA and the nexus of our operations. The vast majority of our construction projects, community programs/initiatives, and other work are based in this area. Our services also extend to Michigan, Wisconsin, and Indiana. 

Our services in the Midwest span the full gamut of construction projects, from mid-sized multi-family buildings to large-scale industrial warehouses and transportation hubs.

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UJAMAA Construction South East is based in our Atlanta office which was completed in 2017. This office represents the main hub for our operations in the Southeast, including states like Alabama, Tennessee, North Carolina, and South Carolina. Our Southeast sector offers many of the same general contracting and construction management services as our main Chicago branch.

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