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Our Commitment to Safety


“Every day employees make many decisions that can have either a positive or negative effect on their lives. All safety is individual. Each person has to make a conscious decision that they will work safely. It is our role as an employer to provide the tools, resources and training to give each employee the opportunity to make good decisions. Ujamaa is committed to keeping our family safe.”

All Ujamaa project management staff and executive leadership have completed OHSA 30 hour and CPR/First Aid training. Our Healthcare team has completed ASHE Healthcare Constructor training. We have an Associate Safety Professional (ASP) on staff. Our project management and field staff is trained on subjects from aerial lifts to confined spaces. We provide our family the training to work safely.

The Ujamaa family has an attitude of, “I work safe because I have a lot to live for”.

Ujamaa also has a responsibility to ensure our trade partners are working in a safe manner. We communicate the safety requirements for the project and if necessary train our trade partners to meet the requirements.

Our company has been able to far exceed industry expectations to the benefit of our clients and our team. Our commitment to safety is more than a commitment to our clients to provide the highest degree of professionalism and deliver the highest quality product. 

It’s the most important thing we do every day for our tradesmen and specialty subcontractors – to make sure they go home safely to their families every night. We believe that starts with training and preparedness combined with a top down commitment to our core value of safety.

OSHA Partnership

UJAMAA has voluntarily partnered with the Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA) at a silver level through an alliance with the Builders Association of Greater Chicago. Our safety programs are recognized annually for excellence in occupational safety and health training. We always seek to go above and beyond for the safety of our construction team.

Choose UJAMAA For A Safe, Effective Project

With each project, safety is one of the biggest considerations for every step. We pride ourselves on the ability to conduct ourselves in a safe manner that still produces some of the best structures in Chicago. To learn more about our commitment to safe practices or to simply get started on your own project, contact us directly via phone, email, or through our website!

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