Our Culture At UJAMAA


The culture at UJAMAA can be best understood by explaining our name itself. “UJAMAA” is a Kiswahili word/concept that roughly translates to brotherhood or familyhood, but has taken on the modern meaning of cooperative economics. In essence, it is the recognition of a simple but profound truth: no person stands alone. Our culture is based around this simple truth and manifests in how we operate internally and externally. 

We fulfill our cooperative economics initiatives by working alongside advocacy groups and inner-city agencies to platform disadvantaged and diverse contractors and vendors. For our projects, we are always looking to hire local, understanding we can produce top-tier quality work while also planting seeds for smaller businesses to grow and thrive. 

Internally, we focus on creating a balanced, inclusive, and diverse environment for our staff. We believe that your work should give back as much as you put in, so we ensure that employees have the resources, information, and trust to grow and develop personally and professionally.

What We Strive For As A Company

As we look forward, we center the concepts of community, togetherness, and a cohesive vision that coexists with and feeds our technical and organizational growth. Branching from that, we seek to invest in material projects and support, as well as education and vocal support for a variety of different groups and causes. 

It is these core concepts and ideas that inform every move to truly rebuild our community one block at a time. In this effort, we believe no one should be left behind. Employees, community members, business owners, the city, and other parties are all considered, with UJAMAA seeking to make everyone better off in the short and long term. 

Where We Are Headed

For UJAMAA, the goals we have set for the future are simply to continue to break down barriers, build strong relationships, and sharpen our construction management skills. Through various partnerships and alliances, we can multiply our impact and make a greater difference. We seek organic growth in every sense of the word. From our mentorship and community programs to our most complex projects, construction excellence and a holistic business approach will remain our guiding principles.

Become A Part Of The UJAMAA Family Today!

Interested in working with our team, either as a new hire or as a subcontractor or vendor? Our team would love to speak with you about potential openings we have. To begin, contact our team today via phone or email or visit our application pages here

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