Ujamaa Construction (“UJAMAA”) was selected by JLL in Partnership with J.P. Morgan Chase to provide retrofit to the Chase Bank on Stony Island in Chicago, IL.

The project consisted of a refresh and renovation of the existing Chase Bank. This building is a single story with basement. The interior scope of work focused on retrofitting the MEPs, storefront, carpentry work and finishes within the bank. There was also exterior work performed that will consist of masonry and concrete. The landscape was trimmed to install the storefront.

As many projects are faced with their difficulties and challenge so was Chase Stony Island Community Center Retrofit. UJAMAA was provided with a very tight schedule from the start and supply chain issues worldwide did not provide any relief. Construction of this project start at the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic resulting in highly levels of caution being taken to ensure the health of workers, employees, and community members. Along with the schedule we had to make sure that our construction site was handled correctly to accommodate the safety of the occupants. This project was in a space that was still being occupied and employees were working there daily.

With this Chase having not been remodeled since the bank was built 25 years ago, it was a change that was needed. When
this project was completed the client was very excited and pleased not only for the employees but for the community to
have a new revamped space.


Chase - South Shore Community Center


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