As part of the ATLNext plan to modernize Atlanta’s Hartfield-Jackson International Airport (“HJAIA”), the busiest airport in America, Turner Construction and UJAMAA Construction (“UJAMAA”) were contracted to execute on the Concourse T-Midpoint Vertical Expansion project.

The Concourse T-Midpoint Vertical Transportation Expansion project will provide additional vertical circulation elements at the Concourse T (T-Gates) Midpoint to support the anticipated increase for passenger and employee demand accessing the Plane Train Concourse T station. This project’s scope includes the addition of one set of escalators, two passenger elevators, the modernization of an existing escalator, and relocation of the existing egress fire stair at the current Concourse T-Midpoint vertical core. These additions will require the expansion of the existing building and modifications to the ramp area near the building’s midpoint.

The fuel line relocation presented a major challenge of protecting the trench work from flooding and erosion during rain days. The TU team came up with a uniquely efficient solution of building up a framed horizontal panel coated with the water proofing membrane lightweight enough to be moved by two persons. Its proving highly efficient to secure the trench work and fuel tie-in points.

The Turner-UJAMAA team has been successfully collaborating with the client and design team with a single aim of completing the project within the given time frame, safely and cohesively.



HJAIA Terminal T-Midpoint Vertical Expansion


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