Ujamaa Construction (“UJAMAA”) was selected to provide construction management at risk services for the Public Building Commission of Chicago on the George Washington High School Renovation.

The intent of the project is to provide much needed interior and exterior renovations, in three key areas.

1) EXTERIOR WORK: roof system replacement and roof repair work, subsequent rooftop mechanical equipment replacement, reduction of the existing masonry Boiler Flues, targeted brick masonry tuckpointing, patching/repair of terra cotta stone coping, scraping and painting of precast concrete fascia and soffit system, and replacement of select exterior door/frame/hardware with FRP door system.

2) SITE WORK: trimming of overgrown trees impeding onto roofs, installing ornamental fencing, and repairing concrete and stone features.

3) INTERIOR WORK: targeted improvements to the interior space will be limited to areas which exhibit water infiltration damage. Work will consist of repairing and painting plaster walls at classrooms, office spaces, corridors, targeted replacement of ceilings, painting the stair rail, replacement of tack and marker boards, repairing damaged CMU at Gymnasium, power washing interior brick masonry, and ADA improvements scoped for the Auditorium.

By participating in this construction partnership, Ujamaa was able to improve the quality of education of minority students on the South Side of Chicago by renovating their learning environment. Furthermore, Ujamaa invested in the surrounding community by employing people who lived there. This project is exemplary of how Ujamaa’s commitment is not just building structures, but also rebuilding our community by investing in our schools and the people in the surrounding neighborhoods. It is our objective to improve buildings and make lives better.


George Washington High School Renovations


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