Ujamaa Construction (“UJAMAA”) was selected as lead partner in Ujamaa-Power Joint Venture, and Design-Builder to provide design and construction services for the Proposed New High School in the Englewood community of Chicago for the Public Building Commission of Chicago.

The new high school was built on the campus of the old Paul Robeson High School, which was demolished as part of the scope of work. The 20-acre site includes a running track, football field, baseball field and a softball field.

The project was completed on 19-month design and construction window to complete the $70M contract for design and construction services and opened Fall 2019. Project achieved LEED Silver status and part of a Planned Development entitlement.

By participating in this construction partnership, Ujamaa was able to improve the quality of education of minority students on the South Side of Chicago by renovating their learning environment. Furthermore, Ujamaa invested in the surrounding community by employing people who lived there. This project is exemplary of how Ujamaa’s commitment is not just building structures, but also rebuilding our community by investing in our schools and the people in the surrounding neighborhoods. It is our objective to improve buildings and make lives better.


South Side High School (now Englewood STEM High School)


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