UJAMAA Construction’s 2023 Annual Meeting and Holiday Party: A Celebration of Unity, Achievement, and Hope


As we step into the New Year, we find ourselves reflecting on the joyous moments that marked the end of an extraordinary year at UJAMAA Construction. Our annual meeting and holiday party were more than just celebrations; they were symbols of our unity, our achievements, and our unwavering hope for the future.


Constructing Success: Celebrating Wins and Envisioning the Future

At our annual meeting, representatives from each department proudly shared their construction accomplishments from the past year and their aspirations for the upcoming year. Every completed project, every new partnership, and every milestone reached was a testament to our collective commitment to building not just structures, but dreams, futures, and communities.

Building Hope: The Ron Lewis Excellent Outstanding Award

In honor of the ever-optimistic Ron Lewis, we presented the first-ever Ron Lewis Excellent Outstanding Award at the meeting. This award is a beacon of our shared values of teamwork, resilience, and hope, embodying the spirit of UJAMAA Construction. This will be an annual award going to the employee who consistently shows optimism and resiliance to see it through and keep going day after day.

A Message of Inspiration: From CEO Jimmy Akintonde

Our CEO, Jimmy Akintonde, concluded the meeting with an empowering message about the hope we instill in our community through our construction work. His words reaffirmed our unwavering commitment to giving back, making a lasting impact, and fighting racism through construction.

Constructing Joy: The Holiday Party

After the annual meeting, it was time for the holiday party. We brought together our many partners from throughout the year to celebrate, collaborate, and share hopes for the New Year.

As we embark on our journey in 2024, we’re filled with gratitude for our UJAMAA family – our team, partners, and community. Here’s to another year of building dreams, building futures, building communities. Here’s to UJAMAA Construction!


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