UJAMAA is about people working together and supporting one another. This is a vital part of the culture of UJAMAA Construction. Support is extremely important during times of crisis as well as times of celebration. Support not only for one another, but for the communities that we inhabit.

We are in the middle of what is being called “The Great Resignation.” Nearly 69 million people quit their jobs starting in 2021 for reasons outside of compensation, mostly for work culture related reasons. UJAMAA was largely not affected by this so we asked our employees a simple question, “Why UJAMAA?” Why did they choose UJAMAA and why do they continue to choose UJAMAA?

Employee answers varied but one thing was consistent: alignment. UJAMAA’s mission and values aligned with employee’s personal values. Do our values align with yours? If so, we are hiring. Go online and apply today. https://ujamaaconstruction.com/careers/


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