Building Futures: UJAMAA Construction Welcomes Tyshawn Leftridge, Future Builder and Industry Leader


UJAMAA Construction is delighted to announce that Tyshawn Leftridge, an ambitious 2023 graduate of Kenwood High School, has joined us as a summer intern. Tyshawn, a proud resident of the Bronzeville neighborhood on Chicago’s south side, embodies the spirit of perseverance and ambition that we, at UJAMAA, hold in high regard. His aspiration to become an architect or construction manager aligns perfectly with our mission to foster young talent and introduce them to the vast opportunities within the construction industry.

At the heart of UJAMAA’s ethos, known as the UJAMAA Way, is our commitment to supporting and nurturing young talents like Tyshawn. We believe in the power of exposure and education, particularly in the construction industry. By providing hands-on experiences and opportunities for learning, we aim to shape the architects and construction managers of tomorrow, thereby contributing to the development of our community and industry.

Tyshawn’s entrepreneurial spirit is another noteworthy aspect that resonates with our core values. As a company that started from humble beginnings, we understand the importance of fostering this spirit. We are, therefore, excited to provide Tyshawn with a platform to explore his potential, learn the ropes, and possibly, ignite his own entrepreneurial journey.

What fuels Tyshawn’s ambition is the inspiration he draws from his mother, father, and older brother. This family-driven motivation is evident in his approach to his internship. He is keen on learning, not just about the technical aspects of construction, but also about the business side of the industry. As a first-generation college student set to attend Georgia State University this fall, Tyshawn’s drive to learn and succeed is truly commendable.

In welcoming Tyshawn to our team, we are not only providing him with an opportunity to learn and grow, but we are also reaffirming our commitment to investing in the next generation of leaders in the construction industry. UJAMAA Construction is honored to be part of Tyshawn’s journey and we eagerly look forward to seeing how his time with us will shape his future endeavors. Through this experience, we hope to inspire Tyshawn and other young individuals like him to dream big, work hard, and make their mark in the world of construction.


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