Empowering Future Builders: UJAMAA Construction’s Inspiring Collaboration with Simeon Career Academy Students


UJAMAA Construction was delighted to host the eager students from Simeon Career Academy’s CTE Construction Cluster at our Park Station project. This outstanding educational program, focused on preparing students for careers in Architectural Drafting, Carpentry, and Electricity, features a comprehensive 3-year course sequence. Site visits like these offer Simeon students invaluable real-world experiences, bridging the gap between classroom learning and the dynamic construction industry.

We take immense pride in having two accomplished Simeon graduates on our team – Jordan Robinson, who now excels as a project manager and is currently finishing the O’Hare Airport Terminal 5 Expansion project, and Devante Elzy, who shines as a superintendent and is currently part of the team building the Obama Presidential Center. Their inspiring journeys showcase the transformative impact of Work-Based Learning activities on career paths and the empowerment of future builders. These success stories serve as motivation for current Simeon students, demonstrating the potential for growth and achievement in the construction field.

Work-Based Learning activities, including site visits, offer Simeon students a unique opportunity to immerse themselves in real-world scenarios. Witnessing professionals like Jordan and Devante contributing to community growth encourages young individuals to visualize their success in the construction industry. These hands-on experiences foster enthusiasm and help students make informed decisions about their future careers.

By participating in these activities, Simeon students can explore various aspects of the construction industry, such as project management, engineering, and trade skills. Exposure to diverse roles and responsibilities helps students develop a deeper understanding of the industry, allowing them to make more informed choices about their career paths.

The Simeon Career Academy students demonstrated remarkable engagement and curiosity during their visit to the Park Station project. By observing the incredible work of Simeon alumni, they could envision themselves thriving in the construction industry. Exposure to real-life projects and dedicated professionals is crucial in nurturing the aspirations of young builders.

In addition to providing students with first-hand experience, site visits also allow them to interact with professionals who can share insights and advice about the industry. Networking opportunities like these enable Simeon students to forge connections that may prove valuable as they embark on their own careers.

Simeon Career Academy’s CTE Construction Cluster plays a vital role in preparing the next generation of skilled workers for the construction industry. By equipping students with the knowledge and practical experience they need to succeed, the program contributes to the ongoing growth and development of the community. Graduates of the program, like Jordan and Devante, are well-positioned to make meaningful contributions to local projects and initiatives.

At UJAMAA Construction, we believe in the power of community and the importance of investing in the next generation. By hosting Simeon students and providing them with unforgettable experiences, we’re working together to build a brighter future for the construction industry. We’re proud to play a role in shaping the careers of young professionals and look forward to continuing our collaboration with educational institutions like Simeon Career Academy.

UJAMAA Construction’s commitment to community-building and nurturing young talent shines through initiatives like the Park Station project site visit for Simeon students. By bridging the gap between education and industry, we can inspire and empower students to become successful professionals, contributing to their communities’ ongoing growth and development.

As we continue to collaborate with Simeon Career Academy and similar educational institutions, we hope to create more opportunities for young people to explore the world of construction and discover their potential. Together, we can build a strong foundation for the future of the industry and the communities we serve. #UJAMAAConstruction #TheUjamaaWay #SimeonCTE #CommunityBuilding


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